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From extreme, high impact absorption to cushioning and resiliency, the Rogers team continues to create cushioning solutions that allow you to get the most out of your products, from the first to the last wear.

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Check back often to stay current with the current news from PORON® Performance Cushioning. Browse the links below and explore our latest advances, tradeshow appearances, media coverage and events. See for yourself how PORON® Technology is enhancing people's lives.

News Image4/2/2014
Unboxing the Worlds Most Expensive Shin-Pads
News Image4/1/2014
Whitewater Get Up
News Image3/30/2014
IXO Pro Carbon Fiber Shinguards
News Image2/26/2014
The Endangered-Gear List
News Image2/24/2014
Adventure Travel: Atomic launches its lightest ever ski helmet
News Image2/24/2014
Outdoor Enthusiast: Atomic launches its lightest ever ski helmet
News Image2/17/2014
ActionHub Review: PORON Insoles
News Image2/11/2014
Shin Shields Reviewed
News Image2/6/2014
Hybrid Technologies Update Outdoor Product at OR Winter Market
News Image1/31/2014
Shin Shields – Extreme Impact Protection
News Image1/15/2014
Hot On The Trail - Outdoor footwear gets more versatile, stylish and youth-driven for Fall 2014
News Image1/14/2014
Rogers Corp. Opens XRD Impact Institute
News Image1/6/2014
Shin Shields for Impact Protection
News Image1/2/2014
Rogers Corporation Hires Sales Engineer for Footwear, Outdoor and Active Lifestyle
News Image12/26/2013
Outdoor Retailer Daily
News Image12/7/2013
10 Affordable Gifts for Cyclists
News Image11/20/2013
2014 Women’s Gear Preview
News Image10/23/2013
Rogers Corporation Signs Backbone Media for PORON® XRD® PR
News Image10/7/2013
IB13: Descente Introduces PORON XRD Chamois - Creates Body Armor for your Bits?
News Image10/1/2013
Sports Insight Article - Going the Distance
News Image9/7/2013
Football teams deciding whether to use helmet caps
News Image8/21/2013
Lyra Mag reports on cool new gadgets, gear apparel and footwear seen at Out
News Image8/13/2013
True to its Roots, OR Balances Technology with Sustainability
News Image7/11/2013
10 Foot Drop Test: G-Form iPhone Case .
News Image6/17/2013
On the Ice: Bauer IMS 9.0 Helmet
News Image6/12/2013
PORON XRD Foam in the Lacrosse Dakota Arm Guard
News Image5/22/2013
7 Tips for Fabulous Feet
News Image5/16/2013
New baseball helmets aim to withstand high-speed hits to kids heads
News Image5/16/2013
The Indestructible VIVAX Laptop Case
News Image5/13/2013
ZEMgear On CBS The Doctors
News Image5/2/2013
Preview: Bauer TotalOne NXG Protective
News Image5/1/2013
Recommendation: Wearing Pumps with Rub Reducing and Shock Absorbing Pads
News Image3/11/2013
Let's Play Hockey Expo
News Image2/1/2013
PORON® Urethane Springs Into Action
News Image2/1/2013
The Acquiring Kind - Q&A Featured in Footwear Plus
News Image1/15/2013
ZEMgear Partners with PORON
News Image1/9/2013
Gauging the Gear: Iphone 5 Cases – Part One
News Image1/9/2013
Hot items at this year's CES from Dr. Frank Viggiano
News Image1/9/2013
Look out below: G-Form drop test highlights device protection
News Image1/9/2013
ZEMgear Partners with PORON Performance Cushioning for Spring 2013
News Image1/9/2013
ZEMgear Partners with PORON® Performance Cushioning for Spring 2013
News Image1/7/2013
Metatarsal-Protection Boot
News Image12/25/2012
New Textiles and Textile Trends 2013
News Image12/12/2012
Robo-Goggles to Adult Sleds: Gifts Guaranteed to Impress
News Image11/20/2012
Atomic Highlight 4 – Nomad All Mountain helmet
News Image7/2/2012
Thin, Flexible Safety Boots Made Possible
News Image6/29/2012
Changing the Way You Think About Impact
News Image6/26/2012
G-Form Appears on Good Morning America
News Image6/1/2012
Bauer Releases Videos on Their New RE-AKT Helmet with PORON® XRD™
News Image5/2/2012
Adult Football Helmet Ratings - May 2012
News Image5/2/2012
PORON® XRD. It's Not a Party Without Bubbles.
News Image5/1/2012
New Rawlings NRG Quantum Plus™ Earns 5-Star Rating
News Image4/26/2012
Product Review: Original S.W.A.T. Chase Series boots
News Image4/25/2012
Cuatro Espinillera
News Image4/24/2012
Gearing up for Spring Sports
News Image4/24/2012
PORON® Material Highlighted in SGBW’s Insole Review
News Image2/8/2012
PORON® XRD™ Protection Featured on Utah Fox 13 Outdoor Retailer Winter Mark
News Image8/9/2011
G-Form Extreme Sleeve 13-inch laptop case
News Image11/30/2010
World's Greatest Foam
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